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Bed Bug Hotel Travel Tips

Use these tips to Avoid Infested Hotels, Detect Where Bed Bugs Hide, and Stop Bed Bugs from Spreading

Traveling is very rewarding, but with the bed bug epidemic and outbreaks at five star hotels, you need a simple tool and guidelines to avoid bringing these parasites home. Use the resourceful tips below to avoid infestations while traveling. --The Bed Bug Detector.

Prepare for travel and staying in hotel rooms:

Pack your BBD-100 bed bug detector from Find Bed Bugs Now. Pack everything in bed bug free luggage liners and pack a small flashlight to be help search for indications of bed bugs. Indications of bed bug infestations include dark fecal spots, dried blood spots, molted bed bug shells, eggs, and of course bed bugs - dead or alive.

When you arrive at your destination:

Pull the sheets off the mattresses and inspect all edges and folds in both the mattress and the box spring. Use your BBD-100 Bed Bug Detector to be 100% sure that your room is bed bug free. Only 25% OF bed bugs actually hide in the bed. Most bed bugs are found hidden in surrounding areas in the hotel room. Be sure to Inspect your hotel room and check the mattresses, box springs, surrounding areas, upholstered chairs, drawers, headboards, carpets, closets, and wall hangings.

Keep your suitcase in plastic trash bags. Don't leave your shoes on the floor. Keep them inside your plastic trash bags. Only take the clothes out that you will be wearing and close luggage liner immediately afterwards. Put all dirty clothes in plastic trash bags.

When you return home:

Inspect your possessions for any hitchhiking bed bugs. Push the BBD100 probe through the plastic laundry bags to verify there are no bed bugs inside. Wash & dry your clothing in extreme heat. Over 140 degrees Fahrenheit to be safe or you have them dry-cleaned.


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The BBD-100 Bed Bug Detector is portable and very easy to use. Everything is included to find hidden bed bugs today.

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